Air Springs & Cabin Shock Absorbers


The good balance of shock absorbers and air springs allow the whole suspension to achieve optimum performance  in terms of vehicle comfort.


The balance of the shock absorber/air spring unit takes on a fundamental role, in order to minimise the effects on the attitude of the vehicle.


Guaranteed interchangeability with original parts, optimal performance for the second equipment, durability and convenience.

The perfect match

Air springs and shock absorbers, the perfect combination of the two brand products Sabo, the best possible combination.

Air suspension for commercial vehicles

Air springs satisfy the most diverse needs of the front, rear and trailing axles as well as on the leading axle of semi-trailer tractors. That’s why these products fit perfectly within commercial vehicles of all kinds.

Air suspension systems in buses

Buses generally take benefit of air springs in order to guarantee the highest standards in riding comfort and a constant boarding height in spite of the load. Generally, two air springs are used on the front axle and four air springs on the rear axle. Latest generation buses are equipped with air springs that lower one side of the vehicle at stops, assisting passenger access.

Cab suspension systems

Truck cabs and seats can be cushioned with air springs to improve driver’s comfort, safety and working environment. According to the vehicle design, the air spring is employed either as a separate suspension element alongside a vibration damper or combined as an integral air spring/damper unit. In most cases, however, aftermarket demands are taken care of by the vehicle manufacturers themselves.

Trailers / semi-trailers

Modern trailer and semi trailer are for the most part equipped with air suspension in order to save goods and vehicles, also in order to provide more safety regarding road behaviour of the vehicle. Usually, each axle assembly has two air springs behind the axle – one on each side. Where several axles are combined, one axle is often equipped with an axle lift device (lift or tag axle) to conserve the tyres when the vehicle runs empty. Air springs boast high load carrying capacities with generous spring travel in these applications.

Our brand, a guarantee

The air springs for commercial vehicles Sabo Air Springs are produced at our headquarters in Bursa (Turkey ) and spread across all international markets by Roberto Nuti Spa of Castel Guelfo di Bologna (Italy), which produces and distributes Sabo shock absorbers. After 15 years of experience We have reached a technical and commercial expertise on air springs for trucks that drove us to develop our product and now we are happy to respond to the demands of our international customers, which for some time there He demanded this new product brand Sabo.

Sabo Air Springs with 3 years of warranty

Sure of the high quality of Sabo products, air springs will be guaranteed for 3 years from the date of manufacture. A choice which once again confirms the attention towards our customers, from performance of materials to packaging, from assistance to after-sales guarantee.