Knowing that your company has always paid great attention to quality, we wish to share with you a warehouse management system that guarantees success, together with improvement in customer satisfaction and an ever greater appreciation of SABO products.

To take the most out of our constant attention to SABO product innovation and our warranty service, you will find it to your advantage to manage your warehouse stock using the F.I.F.O. method. (First In First Out). Very simply, it is a question of always sending out the oldest products first, before the newer items, which are always more developed, are released for sale. In this way, you avoid putting obsolete products into circulation, which could present problems that in the meantime have been fully resolved.

This management method, which we strongly recommend you to consider, will ensure that your warehouse has no products remaining in stock for too long and which, once installed, could give rise to problems not deriving from their quality, and therefore not covered by our product warranty procedure.
To facilitate the work of your warehouse staff, we have indicated the manufacturing time reference on the package, as in the picture shown below, highlighted by red circles.

SABO products are built in our factories by our specially trained personnel. The same technologies are used and the same quality tests conducted on every production line. Our design teams follow strict procedures during the engineering phase and continue to improve the product through technical innovations, with frequent updates aimed at improving performance in terms of durability and reliability.