On the 10th of November in Turkey in 1938 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died at the Dolmabache Palace in Istanbul ending his 15 year Presidency of Turkey.

Atatürk is known as the founder of the Turkish Republic and the first President of Turkey he is considered the father of Turkey and he is very much appreciated by the population.

On this special occasion for all of Turkey, SABO Suspension System has organized for the employees a visit to the museum dedicated to Atatürk, in Ankara.

In addition, customized t-shirts with the printed face of Atatürk and the Sabo Suspension System logo have been prepared for all the employees.

Who is Ataturk

Atatürk was a Turkish general and statesman (Thessaloniki 1880 – Istanbul 1938). After the end of the First World War he organized the struggle for independence and national unity of Turkey. Rejected the Greek invasion (1920-22), he started a series of revolutionary constitutional reforms, such as the abolition of the Ottoman sultanate, of the caliphate and of Islamic canon law, the proclamation of the republic, the secularization of the state. His twenty-year government action created the new Republican Turkey, of which he was the first president.