There’s a new graphic layout for the group official website which has been upgraded to meet the latest web standards by becoming responsive, or usable from all types of mobile device. The update concludes a process of renewal which has involved all of the group’s portals over the past few months, each one having been subject to restyling.

Together with the group’s new website a new version of the online catalogue for shock absorbers and air springs has been released. This is an important step which demonstrates a further move forward for our system of communications with clients and the sales force.

catalogoThere are some important innovations in this catalogue, which differs from the previous one in many ways, starting with its design which is most certainly in line with current trends for look and practicality on the web nowadays. Theusability and simplicity in particular have been taken into account in order to offer users the best possible search and navigation experience both from a fixed network and from mobile connections, being as the new catalogue can be used perfectly by smartphones and tablets. As the graphic layout adjusts automatically to the device used it is both very practical and easy to consult. Another significant new feature is the introduction of the Sabo air springs, a product range which didn’t appear in the previous edition of the catalogue but has been added following requests from clients. Lastly but by no means less important, a global search by code has been introduced. This means it’s now possible to insert a code (or part of a code) of any kind (Sabo, constructors, competition, etc) in a single search box without having to use particular punctuation, spacing or characters. It’s the system’s job to identify and deliver a list of compatible results to the user. Consulting the new online catalogue of Sabo products is simple, even so a handy user’s manual has been compiled which can be downloaded in pdf format from the website.

“The new online catalogue of Sabo products,” says Massimo Nuti, Managing Director of Roberto Nuti Spa, “is the result of a significant investment which demonstrates the ever-increasing attention we pay to the quality of our services and the requirements of our clients. In our vision of client relations, it’s fundamental to guarantee correct, well-formed and punctual messages. Over recent years we’ve invested constantly in this direction, confirming, through our communications, the Sabo brand as a distinctive system of values that belong to the very best Italian industrial and mechanical traditions, which our company represents.”

The recently renewed and websites are proof of this way of working, always taking great care over communications best practices, as is the historic Roberto Nuti News house-organ which has turned into an online magazine, and also the useful Sabo Academy videos. The latter are an authentic example of e-learning dedicated to the “culture of shock absorbers”; they make up an ever-growing collection of audio-visual content for transmitting know-how and exclusive technical information sourced directly from the planning, production and testing departments. It’s certainly an innovative and courageous initiative that only a leading brand such as Sabo could launch as a first in the crowded field of shock absorbers for commercial vehicles.